The Top Talent And Leadership Trends In 2022

The Top Talent And Leadership Trends In 2022


There were a lot of challenges when it comes to leadership and talent management in 2021. 2022 looks set to be filled with some of the same challenges as well as a few emerging issues. Here are a  few things you might want to be thinking about to make sure your organisation is in the best position possible for the new year.

The Churn of Talent is Going to Continue

Anecdotally, there has been a large uptick in the number of people leaving jobs and changing sectors. The diminishing size of the talent pool actually started before the pandemic, but the challenging conditions have accelerated the situation. The ‘Great Resignation’ looks set to continue into 2022.

Large numbers of workers are expressing their desire to leave their jobs even without something new lined up.  The churn of staff is going to continue. Organisations need to have a plan for how to deal with it and how to minimise it.

Organisations need to look for ways to both retain current staff and attract new staff. In many cases, this can mean offering flexible working options. There is a pretty even split between those who wish to remain 100% remote, those who want to be in the office full time, and those who want a mixture. Finding ways to provide for all of these options through a hybrid model is a challenge but may be the key to success.

Employee Wellbeing Will Be Front And Centre

It’s no surprise that many employees have been suffering from burnout. With home working becoming more common, the line between work and home has become blurred. With staff feeling disconnected, this contributes to the unrest people have been feeling.

The focus of employee wellbeing is beyond just caring for mental health. Initiatives are appearing for a holistic approach, including health, fitness, and social initiatives.

Sustainability And Resilience

Sustainability should be firmly on every boardroom agenda. There is a myriad of reasons why this matters, although the one that is a priority for organisations is the business cost argument. Relying on supply chains that are sustainable and resilient is a much safer business prospect.

Going down a sustainability route is a distinct decision that will affect your company’s culture. Putting forward your sustainability credentials will also help you attract more diverse talent that might otherwise pass you over.

Reinvention Is Key

The pandemic has caused all sorts of disruption in organisations, big and small. In many cases, these disruptions have caused major pivots or transformations. Whether it is new ways of working or new products, we’ve all had to adapt.

For 2022 the aim is to move forward. Instead of reacting to disruptions, act on the lessons learnt and look for ways to capitalise on your newfound strengths.

Look At The Talent You Have

This year, we’ve realised that agility, adaptability and ongoing training can be just as valuable as job-specific qualifications. It can be worth looking internally to fill senior roles when it comes to talent. If you have a gap you need to fill, look at the people you have. Then turn them into the people you need. This can mean mentoring, reskilling or restructuring. This effort can be well worth it. You will get your critical positions filled, and you may also reduce your attrition rate.

Investing in your employees gives them not only new skills but also increases their loyalty and job satisfaction. All of these things translate into huge benefits for your business.

Facilitating Connections

One of the challenges of remote working is that people are feeling more isolated. Without the office environment, a lot of opportunities to build relationships beyond the scope of work are being lost.

With Zoom meetings, you no longer have the walk past other peoples’ workspaces to get to the meeting room. You no longer bump into people in the office. This not only leaves people feeling isolated but also reduces opportunities for cross-team links to be built.

Leaders need to be stepping up in 2022 to find ways to help their teams connect. It should be a conscious effort because, in many cases, it’s not happening organically anymore.

Collaborative Working Practices

The businesses that have got through the pandemic in one piece are the ones that have leant into the sense of community within their company. Instead of the focus on the individual, it’s all about learning to work together even when you’re not sharing space.

Strong leaders will work to facilitate these collaborative cultures and practices within their teams.

Flatter More Agile Structures

The traditional pyramid-shaped organisational charts are falling to the wayside. These organisations that put accountability and trust across their company are able to move quicker. With innovation being the driving force behind many industries nows, the quicker you can move, the larger your advantage in a competitive market.

If your company is struggling to keep up in the market, one of the first things to consider is how much power your employees have to make changes. If they can easily push innovation without a lot of permission being needed, they will be better placed to work on projects that will give you a real edge.

Authenticity and Intentionality

People are beginning to expect more from companies; Whether they are looking at them as potential employers or as service providers. People are choosing companies that align with their values and priorities. This means that your business needs to be authentic and open about your priorities and decisions.

When people are looking for connections, you need to make your brand one they want to connect with.

Finding Non-Traditional Sources of Talent

For a long time, most industries have been asking for very specific and stringent requirements from applicants. Usually including degrees as well as years of experience in the same niche sector. But with these adverts going unanswered many organisations are changing tack. They are looking for employees in different places and are willing to accept new hires with fewer or different experiences.

By opening up the search criteria, you’ll find candidates you would have otherwise missed. Ones who may turn out to be exactly what you need to move forward. If you need support in attracting the right talent for your organisation, Horton International are here to help. Get in touch with our team to find out more.


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